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A Journey 

of a Thousand Miles...

Grani Di Gaia, Much More than Pasta

Imagine a journey, a journey that takes you many miles from home, across land and sea. Iridescent pink flamingos make this journey from Africa to Sicily every year and in Scotland the wild geese return from their summer breeding grounds in the Arctic Circle. Our story is of another migratory journey, that of people seeking a new life far from home in a new land. Grani di Gaia is the story of a group of migrants who found themselves in Sicily, the home of organic agriculture, creating new opportunities from ancient wheat… together with Sicilian youth and master baker Maurizio Spinello at Forno Santa Rita. Taste it!

A Migrants Journey

Our Story

Each year thousands of women, men and children attempt a dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. Many of them are trying to escape poverty, climate impact and war in their home countries. 

The project, Sicilia Integra, was created to support the socio-economic integration of migrants, refugees and unemployed youth while creating alternative trading platforms for the commercialisation of Sicilian organic products in European markets. Working with organic farmers and Sicily’s finest bakery, Forno Santa Rita, Sicilia Integra is fostering the integration between hosting communities and newcomers, they themselves building a better future, free from poverty and war while supporting the local Sicilian economy.

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Grani di Gaia

Forno Santa Rita
Borgata Santa Rita, 93100

Sicily, Italy


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