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Meet the team

Bandiougou Diawara is 24 and from Mali. One of six children, he came to Sicily in 2014 after his father passed away. Bandiougou left school early and began work on the family farm where he  cultivated groundnut, corn and rice. He now spends his days at the Forno Santa Rita learning the art of baking and pasta making.  He says "I like to stay in Sicily and continue working, because is important to work and earn."

25 year old Cheikh Bousalla is a professional footballer from Senegal where he played in the first division of the Senegalese League. After his parents passed away and his sister got married he decided to come to Italy and went back to school to learn to speak Italian and would like to continue to stay in Italy.

Muhammed Janneh is 26 and from Gambia. The oldest of 9 children he is married with one child and completed an ICT certificate from the Management Development Institute College. Before moving to Italy he spent two years running an internet café. Muhammed would like to stay in Sicily and continue to work at the bakery.

Sambou Cissokho also played football in his home country of Mali where the 19 year old competed in the Malian second division. The middle of four children he came to Italy where he learned to speak Italian and also completed the 5 week course with Gaia Education. Now working at Forno Santa Rita he would like to stay at the bakery.

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